There’s a certain stage in life, and it happens to all of us eventually, where the policemen start to look young and you tut about someone’s daughter wearing an inappropriate outfit.

There’s another indication and you could call it ‘grammar-rage’. Tolerance levels drop and you find yourself running up to blackboard menus rubbing out rogue apostrophes or shouting out of your car window at those signs intended to be read by people sat at traffic lights.

Now that the minutiae of our lives is comprehensively logged on various social networks, lack of a grasp of the basics has become even more apparent. This has led to several ‘rage’ groups being set up, a favourite being Facebook’s  ‘I judge you when you use poor grammar‘ which has 450,000 members at the last count.

Also visit for loads of handy tips – some grammatical, some just quirky – and even posters that you can print off and hang helpfully in the office, thereby using your rage in a constructive way…although you may have things thrown at your head.