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What we do

Powerful business copywriting

In the age of content, the written word is more powerful than it has ever been.

Multiple platforms, crowded markets and shrinking attention spans make communicating powerfully and engagingly significantly more challenging.

That’s where Wordsworks can help. Wordsworks is a specialist copywriting agency. We meet the evolving needs of businesses, brands and people by ensuring high quality content is at the heart of effective communication.

More bang for your buck

Copywriting that gets results

Our copywriting services are about getting the maximum return on your investment in marketing material.

We can help you communicate your expertise, your brand, your ethos, to your audience in a way that holds attention and reinforces your proposition.

We make sure your collateral supports your organisation’s professional image, rather than detracts from it.

We help you engage readers, rather than bore them.

And through delivering high quality, subtly nuanced writing, we make sure your communications strengthen your credibility, rather than weaken it.

Who we work with

Don’t just take our word for our copywriting expertise

It’s not just about the words

We’re business writers. Our aim is to help you improve quality, save time and get maximum return from your investment in marketing communications.

Corporate publications

Whether it’s a report, survey, thought-leadership, prospectus or a brochure, we can write your publication from scratch, or we can edit supplied material to enhance its consistency, readability and credibility.

Prospectuses and recruitment

Producing prospectuses and recruitment brochures can be time-consuming, particularly if fitted around business-as-usual responsibilities. By leaving it to Wordsworks, you’re free to focus on other tasks, while we focus on writing clear, compelling copy.


By combining our expertise in copy-writing with your expertise in your business, we can ensure your website says the right things in the right ways to the right people.

SEO content

Our experienced web and SEO copywriters can provide clean, crisp, keyword-friendly copy, blogs and news articles to drive people to your website – and keep them there.

Marketing communications

From traditional communications like press releases or case studies, to digital content like social media campaigns, sales e-mails or landing pages, we have the expertise to make your communications work harder.

Tenders and awards

If you’ve got a winning proposition, your tenders and awards submissions need to match. We’ll make sure your expertise and credentials shine through, helping you win new work and gain recognition for your achievements.


Successful branding can be the difference between success and failure. At Wordsworks, we’ll ensure your written material supports your brand, rather than conflicting with it.

Corporate reports

For corporate reports, like annual reports or sustainability reports, you can rely on us to tell your story in a way that inspires confidence in the business and wins trust from stakeholders.

Who do we write for?

If you use written words to communicate with customers, clients or staff, then you’re a potential Wordsworks’ client.

Our client list ranges from major international brands to small businesses, charities and public sector organisations across a range of sectors.

Professional services

Creating clear, compelling messages around professional services can be tough. Let us help

Financial services

Our long track record means clients trust us to communicate their propositions clearly and credibly


We’ve helped some of the UK’s leading educational organisations produce clear, concise, engaging communications


We cut through technical jargon and translate it into engaging, concise reader-friendly copy


Our team has over 15 years’ experience working with IT and tech businesses, from sparky start-ups to big global brands


From corporate reports to internal communication, we help energy companies get their messages across clearly


Our corporate writing specialists can help you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons

Public sector

We can help you express your ideas in a way that engages diverse audiences and communicates the benefits of your services

Whatever industry you’re in, if you need to take your written communication to the next level, we can help. We also work with design and marketing agencies who need copywriting support for specific projects or clients, both in the UK and overseas.

Overseas expertise

Although we’re based in the UK, our client base is international.

From Panama and Canada in the west, to Singapore and Hong Kong in the east. We have a thriving Middle East practice and are active in several European countries, including France, Denmark and the Netherlands.

We are adept at managing the cultural and linguistic complexities that can arise with cross-border projects and are comfortable writing in English for an international, non-native audience, and adapting our style accordingly.

Leek United Building Society

“I’ve worked with Gareth and the Wordsworks team for almost 10 years, across three brands. Their ability to deliver concise, compelling and on-brand copy really sets them apart. Across web copy, customer communications and marketing material, Wordsworks is able to cut through the noise and ensure our message is understood, without losing any important details.”

Synechron, Dubai

“We engaged Wordsworks to copywrite and provide Arabic translation for one of the leading banks in the United Arab Emirates during its website migration. With a scope of over 140 web pages and 50,000 words, Wordsworks worked closely with Synechron on mapping out the content delivery processes, ensuring the project stayed on schedule and on budget. We would have no hesitation in working with them again in the future.”

Abdul Latif Jameel, Dubai

“From social media posts to thought leadership articles, Wordsworks has taken time to understand our business and communication objectives to consistently produce high quality copy to deadline, with the right tone and engaging messaging.”

Knauf, Denmark

“Wordsworks is a reliable partner that listens and takes the time to understand us as a customer. We can always rely on their quality and professionalism for every project, saving both time and money. We rarely have to go back and forth with edits and corrections. They understand what we need and get it right first time.”

Get in touch

If you have a project to discuss, or just want more information on what we do or how we work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on hello@wordsworks.co.uk or +44 (0)161 443 4206.

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