Copy-writing for prospectuses and recruitment

Prospectuses and recruitment brochures are written with a particular audience in mind and have a specific goal. If they are sloppily written, use too much jargon, or have a tone that is slightly off key for your audience, your publications risk putting people off your organisation, rather than encouraging them to apply.

At Wordsworks, we take the time to select the right words to build or maintain a positive brand image. We write in a way that reinforces your credibility and your key messages. We cut through technical jargon and translate it into engaging, concise reader-friendly copy. And we bring a fresh copywriters’ perspective to proceedings, enabling us to generate new ideas and improve on exiting materials.

Writing good copy can be a time-consuming process, particularly if your staff do not have the skills, the time or the inclination to produce it. By leaving it to Wordsworks, it frees up their time to do what they do best, while we focus on what we do best – writing clear, compelling copy.

See our case study section for examples of the copy-writing we’ve done for prospectuses and recruitment brochures.