Copy-writing for newsletters and articles

Providing your customers and clients with relevant and engaging news about your organisation, or about the latest trends and developments affecting their business or market, increases your credibility. It marks you out as an industry voice with your finger on the pulse.

At Wordsworks copywriting, we can provide you with news and articles on any subject you need, from industry insights to legal updates, case studies to breaking news, and everything in between.

If you prefer to generate your own stories, or re-use existing material, we can edit and distil it down into a consistent, concise style ready for distribution.

We’re trained journalists with an eye for a story and a keen sense of structure. We have a way with words and are experienced at interviewing even the most publicity-shy commentators.

What’s more, keeping your newsletter, your website or your blog up to date with fresh stories is a mainstay of any successful SEO strategy. Search engines love copy, they love keywords and they love back-links.

Wordsworks can work with you to write regular keyword-rich news stories that give your website more currency, and we can submit them to appropriate online channels to boost your search engine rankings, helping you get more bang for your SEO buck.

For examples of some of the copy-writing we’ve done for newsletters and articles, both online and off, see our case studies section.