The meaning of the word pulchritudinous

Our mission at Wordworks is to help businesses get straight to the point. To write brochures, newsletters, websites and many other forms of communication that are simple, effective and – who knows – even enjoyable to read.

We also want to, wherever possible, use the more wondrous words of the English language – and not just when we’re playing scrabble.

Pulchritudinous is one of them. A word that sounds like an insult, but is actually the opposite. It describes something or someone of great beauty or appeal.

“The guys were excited to meet Bob’s new girlfriend. They’d heard great things about how pulchritudinous she was.”

“The Christmas display in Selfridges was one of the most pulchritudinous ever seen in Manchester”

Also fact fans, it’s the longest word in the dictionary for the meaning of ‘cute’.