You’ve heard the ol’ saying “less is more”? Well, it’s as applicable in your written materials as it is in any other aspect of life.

If you want your website to pack a wallop, your pamphlet to pack a punch, or your tender to touch a nerve, it’s generally best to call a spade a spade.

Copywriting that clarifies, not confuses

Don’t confuse your reader in an attempt to sound clever or, god forbid, ‘corporate’, because if your potential customer has to reach for the dictionary to understand what it is you’re on about, he or she won’t feel inclined to invest in your product or service.

As a professional copywriting agency, at Wordsworks we spend fair bit of our time unpicking tangled messages which are sent to us for a polish before being used in company communications.

Some of the raw material we receive causes the odd giggle. Take these two recent examples:

“Drinks-based consumables”

“Omni-competent peripatetic staff”

Unless we’re very much mistaken, the writer of the top term was trying to describe… drinks! And as for the pen-smith behind the second mangled message? It turned out he simply meant workers who were mobile and multi-skilled.

Curing tortured text like this is our bread and butter – but you might want to watch out for similar howlers cropping up in your own copywriting.