Even us copywriters know not to believe everything we read in the newspapers (did Freddie Starr really eat that hamster?), but some fibs are easier to spot than others.

Good job the more esteemed organs of the Third Estate take it upon themselves to point out some of the unwitting (we hope) untruths they publish, saving both us and them from embarrassment.

Below is a collection of corrections that newspapers (well, The Guardian to be precise) felt duty bound to publish when errors were brought to their attention:

A reply to a question yesterday recommended purchasing lion and tiger urine from Chester Zoo to stop neighbourhood cats from urinating in a vegetable patch. Chester Zoo would like to forestall requests for its big cats’ urine: it asks us to make clear that it does not in fact sell either tiger or lion urine. Many years ago the zoo sold elephant dung, but it no longer does.

We said that, in the American TV drama 24, Jack Bauer, the counter-terrorism agent, resorted to electrocution to extract information. You cannot extract information from someone who has been electrocuted because they are dead.

We misspelled the word misspelled twice, as mispelled, in the Corrections and clarifications column on September 26, page 30.

There’a cornucopia of media corrections, retractions and apologies here: www.regrettheerror.com

Hopefully not a website we’ll ever have personal mentions on…