Brevity is your friend, long-windedness your enemy. As business copywriters, we at Wordsworks Towers understand the power of concise text better than most.

Whether you’re writing a speech, a press release, a prospectus or an email to a customer, rest assured: no one wants to read/listen to your pitch any longer than they strictly have to.

Study after study has shown that a few powerful, well-chosen words will resonate far deeper than reams of waffle.

It’s a fundamental sales technique which has been acknowledged since early market bazaars: keep your spiel short and sweet – the customer will thank you for respecting the preciousness of their time.

One writer who took this ethos to heart was Ernest Hemingway (above), who took his frugality with words to new extremes when he coined a six-word story – and promptly declared it his best ever work.

Here it is

“For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”

Many other authors have since tried to emulate Hemingway and pen six-word yarns of their own. Here’s three of our favourites.

“Computer, did we bring batteries? Computer?”
– Eileen Gunn

“Longed for him. Got him. Sh*t.”
– Margaret Atwood

“Machine. Unexpectedly, I’d invented a time”
– Alan Moore

One particular fan of the trifling tale is US TV producer Pete Berg, who publishes thousands of famous and not-so-famous examples at his website

If you suspect your corporate communications would pack more punch minus the flab, why not try writing one yourself? It certainly makes one appreciate the value and potency of every single word.