Worried that your writing’s too verbose to digest? Not much deters readers (especially potential customers) more than dense, overlong prose. So here’s a handy tip. If you write in Microsoft Word, the program will automatically tell you just how ‘readable’ your text is.

The system it uses is based on the teaching of Austrian-born writing expert Dr Ruddolph Flesch. It calculates your ‘score’ based on your number of characters per word, words per sentence, and sentences per paragraph.

An ‘ease of readability’ score of 60 per cent or more counts as plain English – anything less and you might want to look again at the text to see how it can be simplified.

To vet your text, select Proofing under the Word Options tag, check the Show Readability Statistics box, and you’re away.

Apparently, this blog has a readability score of 62.2. Dr Flesch would be proud.