Project Description

Stephens Scown LLP is one of the leading firms of solicitors in the South West. It offers a broad range of business and personal legal services, with over 50 partners and 270 staff across offices in Exeter, St Austell and Truro.

We’ve been delighted to work with the firm since 2010, when the director of marketing approached us to write a series new leaflets, marketing the firm to particular industry sectors, such as food and drink, and education.

We used a combination of existing information, a telephone interview with key members of the team, and our own research, and brought it together in an informal but credible writing style and tone of voice, communicating the firm’s key messages engagingly and effectively to potential new clients.

Our successful partnership with Stephens Scown on its hard copy marketing collateral led to us being commissioned with the task of re-writing the content for its new website.

First, we helped to draft a template that each practice group completed. This provided us with the information we needed to then write consistent, coherent pages for the firm’s different practice areas, enabling it to present a uniform, joined-up brand right across the website.

Stephens Scown food industry leaflet

Stephens Scown website