Project Description

Payzone web page examplePayzone provides card payment solutions for more than 15,000 retailers and businesses across the UK. As part of a major rebranding exercise, Wordsworks was commissioned to rewrite existing sections of the Payzone website as well as produce fresh material for several new pages.

With a range of complicated solutions, each optimised for specific business types, Payzone recognised that its website needed to be clear and logical while still retaining significant detail.

Our task was to distil the technical and operational details of Payzone’s main solutions into accessible, easy-to-understand English. The copy also had to include a strong, underlying sales message that generated urgency and enquiries from prospects across the country.

Using existing source material and new research, we devised fresh content structures for several of the most visited pages on the Payzone site.

Our new copy also included targeted keywords and phrases, with our web-friendly writing style also contributing to improved SEO performance.

Visit the Payzone website.