Project Description

Mazars is one of the largest accounting firms in Europe and the eighth largest in the UK. Its owner-managed business division was looking to develop a quarterly newsletter and blog to raise its profile among clients and prospects in the UK. It engaged Wordsworks to develop ideas for the newsletter and, once the structure for the newsletter was agreed, to research, write and edit the content each quarter, as required.

Building on our experience writing for and about small-to-medium-sized businesses, we were able to advise Mazars on the type of material that would be of most interest to its audience.

With that in mind, we hold a ‘brainstorm’ meeting with the client every quarter to discuss article ideas for the next issue. There will generally be five or six different articles per issue, based on current hot topics, events, industry issues, or existing articles and presentations written by members of the broader Mazars team.

For some articles, we will be provided with existing source material to edit and refine into a new article; we may be provided with rough notes or a bullet point outline to flesh out via a telephone interview with the author; or we may be provided with an article synopsis that we need to research and write ourselves.

The approved articles are then published on Mazars Your Business Matters blog, along with a ‘click-through’ email to clients and prospects.

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