Project Description

JLI exampleThe Joep Lange Institute (JLI) is a pioneer in global healthcare, promoting a digital agenda for innovation in global health and using an evidence-based approach to challenge the status quo in some of the world’s poorest regions.

As part of a website redesign, Wordsworks was commissioned to produce the copy for key static pages on the new JLI website, as well as a series of detailed blog posts.

The blog posts focused on topics including behavioural economics, healthcare research, and data privacy – complex subjects where the challenge is to make the post both informative and accessible to a wider audience. It was a task with which JLI had previously struggled.

By working closely with the JLI team, Wordsworks was able to produce a series of posts that took the work of the Institute to a wider audience, spreading its message among stakeholders, partners and third parties around the world.

JLI quickly approved all of our material for the new website, reflecting our ability to transform detailed information into engaging material for a variety of audiences.

Visit the Joep Lange Institute website.