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Project Description

Frank Hirth is a specialist taxation and accounting practice, specialising in UK and US taxation.Having expanded considerably in the last few years, the firm was putting together its first general marketing brochure – and called in Wordsworks to help.

After a number of meetings with the marketing team and fee-earners, we developed a tone of voice and structure for the publication, based on the themes identified in the meetings, and using our past experience of similar projects.

We liaised with the marketing team to identify where we could obtain the source information to write the content (e.g. interviews, ad hoc existing material).

We then wrote all the content from scratch and progressed it through to approval, including a number of rounds of clients amends and a final proofread before printing.

The brochure was published on schedule and was enthusiastically received throughout the firm.

PDF File Frank Hirth firm brochure

Project Details