Project Description

Our experience of writing for the web is epitomised in our work with leading digital marketing agency Amaze on a new 200+ page website for East Coast Trains (now Virgin East Coast).

There were two phases to this huge project. The first part of our task was to review the source material (the existing web copy from the old site) in light of the new designs/wireframes and identify:
a) The key information that needed to be the focus of each section/page
b) How we could best re-structure and re-purpose the text to work with the new designs and communicate the key messages
c) How the design/layout of that section/page might need to be tweaked to accommodate the specific information it contained.

We did this in close consultation with the design team throughout, sharing our findings and exchanging ideas on how best to present the information and communicate the messages.

Our role was to act as ‘copy champion’, ensuring that the needs of customers viewing that section/page, and the messages of the text within it, were not lost or side-lined in the designs.

Once this process was complete, the second part of our task was to put this work into practice, re-purposing and re-structuring the old content to ensure it focused on users’ requirements, presented the key information clearly, logically and succinctly, was written in an appropriate tone and style, and which complemented the new designs.

Although the East Coast Trains franchise is now run by Virgin Trains, 90% of the web copy was retained in the new Virgin Trains East Coast website.

Planning Your Journey section of Virgin Trains East Coast website