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University of Bolton

White Paper

The University of Bolton offers industry-relevant degree, masters and PhD programmes to more than 11,000 students. It has almost 200 academic staff members, of which almost 70 per cent hold PhD degrees.


In a large and time-pressured project, Wordsworks was commissioned to write more than 100 course outlines (approximately 600 words each) for the university’s online student prospectus.


Using the university’s detailed internal programme specifications, our task was to distil academic and management-focused source material into student-facing copy with a consistent style and tone across all courses.


Each outline contained a course summary, detailed course overview, highlights, key features, and teaching and assessment methods.


By using the combined expertise of the Wordsworks team, we were able to deliver all the course outlines in less than three weeks, helping the university to meet its strict publication deadline and successfully promote its range of degrees to potential students around the world.

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