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Laureate Online Education

White Paper

Wordsworks is the retained copywriting partner to Laureate Online Education, which operates the Laureate International Universities network. The US-based organisation runs online education programmes for several universities around the world, including the University of Liverpool.


The client wanted to update the University of Liverpool Online website to reflect changes to its brand. It had also identified some gaps on the existing site and needed new pages to fill these gaps.


Wordsworks was tasked with developing and structuring new copy to achieve these objectives. Through a series of workshops, we initially helped to develop a new structure for the site. We then audited the existing pages to see how much current copy could be re-worked, and how much new copy was required.


We also helped to develop a structure for the programme pages themselves, making use of best practice web writing techniques to ensure these pages were engaging and easy to navigate.


As with all our projects for Laureate, the audience for the website is global. It was imperative, therefore, that everything we wrote not only communicated the desired messages, but that it did so clearly and concisely, to be easily understood by a diverse range of readers.

University of Liverpool Online website