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General copywriting support

Wordsworks has been on the approved global copywriting panel for KPMG since 2008, writing everything from ad lines and press releases, to web copy and 100-page reports.


We were commissioned to produce a 36-page white paper on data privacy, called Crossing the line: Staying on the right side of consumer privacy.


Our first task was to undertake a significant amount of desk research to familiarise ourselves with the topic.


We interviewed several experts at KPMG (and external partners) to draw out the key issues for businesses at organisations in this area. These insights were combined with the findings of a survey KPMG had recently completed.


Writing the white paper required a solid understanding of the complex legal and policy issues around data privacy, and the impact on, and risks for, organisations and individuals.


Perhaps more importantly, it relied on us not only understanding the subject, but also on being able to interpret and analyse the findings of the survey, and combine both elements in clear and concise editorial.

Crossing the line: Staying on the right side of consumer privacy