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Equality Commission

White Paper

Wordsworks was commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to overhaul the content for the equal pay section of its website.


There were around 250 pages relating to equal pay on the site. Analytics show they were well visited, but the content was overly technical, confusing and structured very poorly, due largely to the fact that it had been written by different authors, in different styles and for different purposes.


Initially, we worked with the EHRC on a content review, developing options to structure the section and present the information in a more logical and easily digestible format.


Once a new structure was agreed, we then put the chosen options into practice. This involved rewriting, reformatting and developing new content. The main challenges were to do with the quantity and depth of the existing information. Our over-arching priority was to use language that retained the technical accuracy of the underlying legislative framework, but which communicated the information in a more user-friendly style accessible to a wide audience.


By the end of the process, the information on equal pay was distilled into around 100 new pages, based on a consistent, logical structure and much clearer understanding of user requirements.

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