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Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) is the UAE’s leading satellite operator. In more than 140 countries, its satellite connectivity solutions are used by governments and commercial sectors to deliver a more connected world across broadband, broadcast, defence, and communications.


As part of a comprehensive website redevelopment, led by leading UAE digital agency Omnia, Wordsworks was commissioned to produce new copy for each of the key pages on the new site, crafting technical and detailed information into accessible copy that positioned YahSat among the leaders in its field.


Strict character counts were placed on each different section of the website, meaning everything from main headlines through to body copy had to conform within certain limitations – without losing any of its meaning, detail, or purpose.


As part of the research and factfinding process needed for the new copy, our team reviewed a range of documents and websites. By combining guidance from YahSat with our decades of top-level journalism experience, we were able to find and present the most pertinent information in compelling and clearly understood terms.


YahSat was delighted with our final copy, with our words helping to effectively reposition the company in its market.

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