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Carole Nash Insurance

White Paper

Carole Nash Insurance is one of the UK’s leading motorcycle insurance brokers, providing cover for around 240,000 motorcycles and scooters.


A significant part of its marketing effort is focused on direct mail and its website. It had historically relied on its existing multi-service marketing agency to write the copy for its various customer marketing campaigns. However, it became clear that the volume and nature of the material that Carole Nash required – from flyers and direct mailers (online and off), to web copy and pay-per-click landing pages – would benefit from more specialist writing know-how.


Wordsworks was recommended to Carole Nash by an existing client. We were first tasked with writing the copy for a new customer acquisition campaign, comprising a direct mailer and web page. Using our expertise and experience in writing B2C direct mailings, we drafted copy that effectively engaged and attracted the customer, while staying true to the Carole Nash brand and tone of voice.


Such was the success of this project, Carole Nash has now become one of our most loyal clients, and we are regularly commissioned to write the content for a wide spread of marketing materials, often to very short deadlines.

Carole Nash legal services flyer

Rider cover web page