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Abdul Latif Jameel

corporate publication

Abdul Latif Jameel is a diversified business originating in Saudi Arabia and now with deep roots across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) region. It has business interests in transportation, energy, real estate, financial services, and consumer electronics.


As part of Abdul Latif Jameel’s corporate communications activity, Wordsworks was commissioned to produce the copy for Opening Doors, a quarterly publication that provides strategic positioning and brand development for Abdul Latif Jameel.


Wordsworks writes all content for Opening Doors, ranging from short news items to 2,000-word feature articles driven by an intensive research process.


We regularly interview the most senior figures in the Abdul Latif Jameel group, as well as monitor the Middle East business landscape to reflect the region’s wider development within the pages of Opening Doors.


By combining our business journalism experience with our appreciation of Abdul Latif Jameel’s corporate positioning, we create an authoritative and informative magazine that advances Abdul Latif Jameel’s growth plans across the MENAT region and beyond.

Summer issue of Opening Doors

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