The meaning of the word gloaming

Inspired by Keats and his ode ‘To Autumn’, we’re feeling a bit poetic. And in honour of the new season, this month we are mostly liking  gloaming.

Gloaming (noun) is that dusky time of the evening, where the shadows are long and the sun has nearly disappeared for the day.

Not really used much nowadays, perhaps it’s time for a revival.

“You can’t play out on your bikes much longer, it’s nearly gloaming.

“We collected conkers and berries long into the gloaming hours.”


The meaning of the word crespuscular

A similar, and equally evocative word is crepuscular. Those twilight hours or things that become active when the sun goes down.

“Vampires are so popular these days. I can’t understand my daughter’s fascination with those crepuscular creatures.”

“Students are so crepuscular; they never see daylight.”