No, this isn’t a post about a poor taste 70s sitcom, but rather a watch out for website URLs which may do you more harm than good!

You’ve spent time and money, toil and trouble on your new website and catchy URL, of which you are justifiably proud. But before you publish, take a minute to just check that your URL (website address) won’t inadvertently bring a whole different type of customer to your site.

Aside from choosing a unique name for your URL (hard enough considering there are over one hundred million already registered), it needs to be snappy and memorable.

But what looks snappy and memorable to you, immersed in your site and in your project, might not look quite so enticing to someone else in the cold light of day. If you’re going international the risks can be even greater, as a nice snappy URL in English might mean something completely different in a foreign language.

Andy Geldman, a self-employed computer programmer, has a whole website (well, Facebook group) and book devoted to ‘slurls’ – domain names innocently chosen by serious businesses but with amusing consequences.

Here’s a taster (these websites have now been re-named as we presume the faux pas was brought to their attention): – design service offering everything from web design to custom car paint – ARS e-commerce is an internet marketing agency with offices in 3 US states. – a software service for accessing your computer remotely

So, think carefully for your next website or you could be in the next edition of Geldman’s book.