Welcome to Wordsworks. We’re specialists in business writing and publishing. We’re based in Manchester, but we work with clients all over the country, helping them use words more effectively and efficiently to inform, advise, educate and persuade.

We do three main things, all related to business writing:

Copywriting & Editing

If you need to communicate with employees, clients, customers or shareholders, chances are you need to do it using clear and effective written communication. Which is where we come in. We’re professional writers, so wherever you need help with the written word, we have the skills and experience for the job. So whether it’s writing copy from scratch, or wielding our trusty swords of clarity, conciseness and consistency to smooth, condense and – sometimes – pummel your text into shape, we can help. We can also help you define and implement a specific tone of voice across a range of written material.

Design & Publishing

It’s no use spending hours ensuring your written material is spot on, only to waste all that effort by presenting it in a dull, lifeless design that leaves your readers’ eyes glazing over after the first few paragraphs. Our designers are experienced in working with words both online and off. They are highly experienced in creating eye-catching, credible designs for brochure, reports, newsletters and websites that, while visually powerful, do not distract from the core messages that need to be communicated.

Business PR

Our specialist business PR team understands the complexities and priorities of the business-to-business market. We can help you strengthen your brand, raise your profile among potential customers and win business.

As former business journalists, with articles published in everything from The Times and The Independent to Food Manufacture and Builder and Engineer, we understand what journalists and editors are looking for. We know because we’ve been there. We’ve sat in their seats, looking for interesting, relevant and useful stories to keep our readers informed and entertained. Now we’re on the other side of the fence, we know just what it takes to write press releases, articles, case studies and blog posts that can heighten your exposure, elevate your brand and attract new enquiries.