Richard Whiteley

Countdown to perfect spelling. (Any excuse for a photo of Richard Whiteley…)

Good news for all of us who care about the written word. A study has shown that spelling mistakes in company websites jeopardise around half of all online sales.

Now, we’ve all given in to our better judgement occasionally and purchased a 99 with flake from a van promising Finest Diary Ice Cream. Some of us might have taken it a step further and relented to buying our bangers from a shop branded Quality Butcher’s.

But when it comes to making a serious purchase online, entrepreneur Charles Duncombe – who carried out the research – says nothing makes potential shoppers click away faster than a torrent of typos.

It’s pretty obvious why: a website littered with errors loses major credibility in the eyes of the customer. After all, would you trust a firm with your credit card details if you can’t even trust them with an apostrophe?

The good news is that correcting sloppy spelling and grammar can undo the damage and double your sales. It’s a reminder to us all that it’s worth reaching for the dictionary before hitting the upload button.

Spelling can’t be everyone’s forte, of course. If you’re afraid your bottom line is suffering from a surfeit of slip-ups, the team here at Wordsworks is happy to write and edit your business text.

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