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Stick to the rule of three

2017-12-02T18:43:52+00:00Write words|

They say three's company (don't they? It might be two, but for our sakes, let's say three), and when it comes to fluid, high impact writing, three is certainly the magic number. The rule of three is simple. It says that when you're describing something - the features of a new service or the benefits of a new product - a list of three characteristics is always the most effective.

Apple – a lesson in words

2017-12-02T18:44:06+00:00Write words|

Here at Wordsworks copywriting agency, we're big readers. Newspapers, books, comics, cornflake packets, whatever you've got. And every so often, there's a piece of writing that reminds us why we love what we do. It's here. And it succinctly describes the beautifully simple language used by uber-brand Apple. The article also happens to fit neatly with our copywriting [...]