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Who we are

Wordsworks is a specialist copywriting and communications agency

Since 2003, we’ve been helping to improve the written communications of clients in a range of sectors, everything from a few lines of snappy advertising copy or social media posts, to large websites or corporate reports of 100+ pages.

Our roots are in business journalism – our writers have written for the BBC, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph, among others.

It means we’re particularly good at getting to grips with complicated subjects and communicating them clearly and concisely. It also means we are good at spotting the unique context or characteristics that can breathe life into your brand, and keep readers engaged.

Creative thinkers

Expert copywriters for businesses and brands

Our writers have worked on high profile creative campaigns for major global brands, too.

This combination of journalistic rigour and creative thinking is one the reasons clients keep coming back to us.

We have a design capability, too. So we can make sure the words we write for you are combined with design that does them (and your brand guidelines) justice.

About Us Wordsworks

Gareth is the founder of Wordsworks. He previously worked as a business journalist for publications including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph. As a former journalist, he is adept at dealing with complex subjects and communicating the core ideas clearly, concisely and engagingly.

About Us Wordsworks

Mark has been a business writer since 2002, working across a number of industries for leading international brands. He has particular experience as a technical writer for bid documents and white papers, and as a writer and editor of annual, sustainability and other corporate reports.

About Us Wordsworks

Journalist-turned-copywriter Jon Dixon has extensive experience writing news articles, company brochures, websites, construction tenders, financial reports and internal/external communications. He worked as a reporter, feature writer and sub-editor for a decade in the media, before turning his focus to full-time copyediting and copywriting in 2010.

About Us Wordsworks

Bertie leads the Wordsworks’ proofreading team. He has over 15 years’ experience as a proofreader for major blue-chips and professional services firms. He also has extensive experience editing press releases, brochures, tenders and other kinds of marketing and business service material.

About Us Wordsworks

Fran specialises in creative, SEO-friendly content for websites, blogs and newsfeeds. Fran has more than 10 years’ experience in print and online writing, producing compelling articles, promotional and PR pieces, ebooks, brochures and advertorial scripts for a broad range of clients, from local startups to multinational household brands.

About Us Wordsworks

A former production executive at the BBC in Manchester and London, Justine manages the Wordsworks’ office, organises the accounts and generally helps to keep the team in line.

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