Writing a blog. What could be a trendier, more cutting edge way of attracting more eyes to your business website? But if no one ever reads it, you might as well have spent your time cutting your toenails.

Blogging website quickblogtips.com has compiled a series of tips for writing the kind of blogs people like to read. These include choosing your subject carefully (not littering your business blog with off-topic Ronnie Corbett-esque sidetracks), coming up with a killer headline and first paragraph (people’s attention span is notoriously short, especially online), previewing your future posts (tempt people back with promises of your future pearls of wisdom), replying to people’s comments (so that they feel, you know, special), commenting on other people’s blogs with links back to your own site, and lists. Lists? So, just to recap:

1: Pick the right subject.

2: Grab their attention.

3: Trail your next post.

4: Reply to comments.

5: Comment on other blogs.

6: Lists. Because people like them.