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Is the web making us lazy?

Isn’t the web great? There are all sorts of great writing tips out there. I came across this excellent – and funny – article about writing for the web. It cocks a bit of a snoop at some of the web-writing theories about how people read online.

My view is that while there is some value in the readability research and techniques espoused by the likes of web-writing guru Jakob Nielsen, they are not the only consideration when you’re writing for the web.

What a lot of these techniques seem to overlook is the fact that the best way to keep people reading is to make it interesting. If you can do that, you’re three-quarters of the way there.

If they’d done all this kind of readability research when they were inventing books, we’d all be reading large print Mills & Boon picture books, full of one sentence paragraphs, sub-heads and bullet lists.