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Sentences are the new paragraphs

Now brevity is a beautiful thing, but an increasingly used shortcut is becoming so ubiquitous it can no longer escape a little musing…

‘Grey is the new black’. Once a serious phrase used in the fashion world is now a catch-all cliche, and very handy for any journalist wanting to illustrate a point about change.

‘x is the new black’ has become shorthand for the passing fancies of what is now popular (or good) at the expense of what used to be popular, which is now so, like, yesterday. For example some serious headlines, ‘Voluptuous is the new black’, ‘SMS is the new black’, ‘green is the new black’.

It permeates our culture like textspeak…everything has a shorthand, and it doesn’t even have to be anything to do with black:

Films – Ocean’s Twelve strapline: ‘Twelve is the new eleven’
Food – (one particularly close to our heart): ‘Macaroons are the new cupcake’
Drink – (again, just us maybe…): ‘Tea is the new coffee’
Age – 50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30…so we’re all now 10 years younger than we say we are!

It’s now getting a bit ridiculous: ‘Big is the new small’, ‘Busy is the new idle’, ‘Quiet is the new loud’ or, a particularly pertinent one, ‘short is the new long’.

So on that note, I’ll stop rambling.