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Free cash! And maybe a flying pig?

2017-12-02T18:43:57+00:00 General musings|

You have just landed on earth from another galaxy. (Come on, role play.) Your ship’s pre-programmed navigation coordinates meant you should have touched down in Washington, the capital of the planet. But instead you are standing on a high street somewhere in England. In front of you is a primitive digital device set into a [...]

Can I…get on your nerves?

2015-08-10T20:55:51+00:00 General musings|

You’ve been there haven’t you? Standing at the counter waiting to be served in Costa. And the young man in front of  you says to the barista, “Can I get a skinny latte?” Now, you can tell from his accent that he is not American. So why this peculiar  circumlocution – “Can I get a [...]