What better way to celebrate the festive season than your own special Wordsworks Christmas list. Alas, not prezzies I’m afraid, but 12 of the most useful, informative or just downright entertaining words-related websites we’ve come across.

Fitting them all in to one blog post, however, might be a little cumbersome. So here’s the first six, with the remaining six to follow next week

1. Grammar Girl

Friendly and easy to use blog that unpicks the vast rules of grammar. Grammar Girl also creates grammar-related  podcasts for your listening pleasure.

2. Wordplay

Dedicated to playing with the idiosyncrasies of the English Language. From useful definitions to anagram software and hangman games.

3. Sub editor’s thoughts and musings

Step inside the mind of someone who has to deal with crimes against English on a daily basis. Amusing observations and general musings give this blog a fresh take on the usual journalistic cynicism.

4. Plain and simple

The campaign against gobbledygook has taken its fight online with downloadable writing guides and even a free software package called ‘Drivel Defence’ to help keep your plain English in check.

5. Quite Interesting

The partner to the TV series, this site lives and breathes the QI philosophy that is to educate, inform and entertain. There’s an extensive Quibbles section on the rights and wrongs of episodes’ content, plus plenty of nourishment in the form of words, quotes and facts of the day.

6. Mind your language

Regular contributions for the Guardian’s literary luminaries, dotted with extracts from the paper’s much talked (but not often used?) style guide.