Following on from last week’s first post on the 12 links of Christmas, here’s the final six websites to keep you occupied over the festive season:

7. Turbo charged novel writing

If you’ve always fancied taking the plunge, but put off by the amount of time a novel would take to write, this site may give you the push you need. 30 days in November, 50,000 words, potential fame and fortune…

8. Because nobody’s perfect

Regular readers of the Wordsworks blog will know of our love for this site. Retractions, corrections and apologies are documented for your amusement and sometimes, astonishment.

9. The Dictionary, and then some

From the experts: this is the ultimate encyclopedia of words, grammar and punctuation. With something for all ages, from word of the day to puzzles and games.

10. Daily Dose

If you would like a more formal approach to learning the vast landscape of grammar, then your search is over. 440 bitesize lessons cover everything from basic punctuation to predicate nominatives.

11. The magic of words

A community of linguaphiles, dedicated to sucking the marrow out of  literature. Active discussion groups and daily emails mean you’ll never be short of inspiration.

12. Who’s been naughty or nice?

As the special day approaches, we wanted to share one of the best festive uses of the internet we’ve come across (apart from shopping of course). Create a personalised video message from Santa for the one you love. A simple way to keep the belief alive!