Don’t be lost for words… choose a bundle to save a bundle.

With a Wordsworks ‘bundle’, you’re guaranteed a set level of writing and editing support every month – to use however, whenever and on whatever you please.

You might need some web pages updating or newsletters editing. There may be some case studies or news items to write over the next few months. Perhaps some brochures or proposals to turn around quickly. Or a final pair of eyes to proofread key documents regularly.

The benefit of a bundle is that the price is fixed, but the purpose is flexible. So whatever you need doing that month, you always know exactly what it’s going to cost you in advance.

Each bundle comprises a set number of hours’ writing, editing or proofreading support each month for one fixed fee.

Wordsworks Copywriting Bundles - The Junior Bundle

Choose from four bundles

You can use the hours however you wish from month to month. And because it’s a bundle, you benefit from a reduced hourly rate.

All bundles also include:

  • Unlimited changes and amends to documents
  • Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Monthly timesheets to track your spend
  • Priority turnarounds
  • Easy in/out terms

Wherever you need support, if it involves the written word, online or offline, we have the knowledge, experience and insights to help.

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