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Is the web making us lazy?

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Isn't the web great? There are all sorts of great writing tips out there. I came across this excellent - and funny - article about writing for the web. It cocks a bit of a snoop at some of the web-writing theories about how people read online.

Is this inelegant and/or confusing?

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Forgive us: this is our plea for common sense, good writing, and clarity. Our nomination for Room 101 is the abomination ‘and/or’. Here's why...

Hoping to improve your writing in 2016?

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It’s January, so Happy New Year and all that. Ahead of you lie 12 bright and shiny months, completely untouched and just waiting for you to make your mark on them. Which made us wonder whether you’ve possibly thought of doing the resolutions thing? You know, starting the upcoming year by becoming a better person in some way? [...]

Which will it be? That is the question

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It’s one of the most commonly-debated arguments in the English language: ‘which’ or ‘that’ - which is the correct one to use in different contexts?

Word(s) of the month

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If you’ve had the distinction of mixing up the words ‘dubious’ and ‘doubtful’, you’re not alone...

Don’t let these four words catch you out

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It’s one of the most widespread errors in spoken and written English - the distinction between sat/sitting and stood/standing...

The joy of six

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Brevity is your friend, long-windedness your enemy. As business copywriters, we at Wordsworks Towers understand the power of concise text better than most.

Leave ‘em wanting more

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Since the first words we speak as babies are uniformly unremarkable (‘mama’ and ‘googoo’ spring to mind) it falls to us all to make our final utterances considerably more noteworthy...

A moor itillerate footure?

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With debate raging about the quality of spelling and grammar teaching in schools, there is growing concern about the UK’s ability to stay afloat in the global business world.

Taking headlines to new lows

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Anyone who’s ever worked as a journo will know – unfortunate things can happen.