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Getting your message across clearly and concisely

Writing tips|

Good writing is all about clarity - getting your message across clearly and concisely. But in the wrong hands, words can often cloud, rather than clarify, the intended message.

The word on the street…

General musings|

A survey by London’s Word Literature Festival, quizzing the public on their favourite words, has produced some surprising results...

Word of the month

Word of the month|

This month at Wordsworks we've been desperately trying to slip the word “Honorificabilitudinitatibus” into our conversations and copywriting.

Practice (or practise?) makes perfect

Write words|

Do you have a blind spot for certain words? Words that no matter how many times you look at them, you just can't remember how to spell them?

12 links of Christmas

General musings|

What better way to celebrate the festive season than your own special Wordsworks Christmas list. Alas, not prezzies I'm afraid, but 12 of the most useful, informative or just downright entertaining words-related websites we've come across.