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What’s your favourite headline ever?

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We've been doing some work on headline writing in our workshops recently. It reminded me of the story behind one of our favourite ever headlines …

How to write a headline that grabs attention

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We were doing one of our writing workshops in London earlier this month. One of the most illuminating exercises we do is headline appraisal. May sound dull, but it's actually good fun. We take a bunch of headlines from local, national and trade press, and discuss what makes some of them work and why some of them just leave us cold.

Six tips for killer headlines

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Whatever you're writing, whether it's a piece of direct mail, a case study or a section of a white paper, strong headlines are vital. Research shows that readers make up their minds in around three seconds whether to continue reading or not. Your headline needs to communicate why the piece is interesting or relevant and why readers should bother to stick [...]

Heading for success . . . or failure?

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Never mind the poor maligned goldfish, it’s we humans that have a notoriously short attention span. According to a survey reported in The Daily Telegraph it’s a mere eight seconds. So how do you get someone to read that web page or report that you’ve slaved over to get word perfect? The secret is to come up [...]

Taking headlines to new lows

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Anyone who’s ever worked as a journo will know – unfortunate things can happen.