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To comprise or to comprise of, that is the question

2017-12-02T18:43:57+00:00 Bad grammar, Writing tips|

A great article about grammar rules in the ‘Prospero’ column in The Economist has been generating a heated (and on-going) debate among the copywriting team at Wordsworks Towers recently. It referred to a story about Bryan Henderson, a US grammar obsessive who has apparently edited almost 50,000 Wikipedia articles to remove the phrase “comprise of”. [...]

Don’t believe the myths

2017-12-02T18:43:52+00:00 Writing tips|

This month's writing tip is based on one of our mantras: don’t believe the myths. A lot of so-called grammar rules are actually fusty old school rules that aimed to homogenise the English language. (Usually enforced with a cane.)

12 links of Christmas

2017-12-02T18:44:06+00:00 General musings|

What better way to celebrate the festive season than your own special Wordsworks Christmas list. Alas, not prezzies I'm afraid, but 12 of the most useful, informative or just downright entertaining words-related websites we've come across.