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Should it be spelt with a ‘c’ or an ‘s’?

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English is renowned for its quirky, often logic-defying spelling rules. Gives it character, a mark of our mongrel heritage, we're told. It doesn't make it any easier to write, though. One common area of confusion is when seemingly the same word has two spelling variations - one with a 'c', and one with an 's'.

Doolally origins of English language

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Here in Britain, home of the Empire and all things historic, we like to think we exported all the finer things around the globe – most notably, Her Majesty’s English...

The ‘ize’ have it

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As anyone who spends much time reading American documents or literature will tell you, our crazy cousins across the Atlantic have certain quirks when it comes to writing the mother-tongue...

Short and sweet

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Worried that your writing’s too verbose to digest? Not much deters readers (especially potential customers) more than dense, overlong prose. So here’s a handy tip.

Judge blasts bobbies’ English

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Flying the flag for clear communication and the efficient use of language can be a lonely job, but an eminently worthwhile one.

Word of the month

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Our mission at Wordworks is to help businesses get straight to the point. To write brochures, newsletters, websites and many other forms of communication that are simple, effective and - who knows - even enjoyable to read.