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Beware of basorexia this February

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Be very careful. It’s the month of St Valentine and soppy cards, so you could easily be afflicted by this condition. You see, ‘basorexia’ is a sudden urge to kiss someone. And we’re grateful to emotions expert Tiffany Watt Smith for bringing us the word and its definition in her new encyclopaedia, The Book of Human Emotions. In [...]

Word of the month

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This month at Wordsworks we've been desperately trying to slip the word “Honorificabilitudinitatibus” into our conversations and copywriting.

Is this blog awful?

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Next time you’re scribbling that email or blog post at work, take a minute to consider the true meaning of the words you’re using.

12 links of Christmas

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What better way to celebrate the festive season than your own special Wordsworks Christmas list. Alas, not prezzies I'm afraid, but 12 of the most useful, informative or just downright entertaining words-related websites we've come across.