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How to write a headline that grabs attention

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We were doing one of our writing workshops in London earlier this month. One of the most illuminating exercises we do is headline appraisal. May sound dull, but it's actually good fun. We take a bunch of headlines from local, national and trade press, and discuss what makes some of them work and why some of them just leave us cold.

8 words that break trust and make comprehension more difficult

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Hoa Loranger might be our new hero. In a recent post for usability gurus Nielsen Norman, Hoa identified five words that leave most readers cold. And we've added three of our own, too.

Do you have tryst with your PC?

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Yes, that should have said ’trust’, not tryst. But it was a deliberate error on our part to illustrate a very important point. Which is that it’s very easy to become just a tiny bit too reliant on the computer’s spelling and grammar check feature. The problem is this. The computer only knows how to [...]

Don’t let your words smother your meaning

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A surefire method for achieving the double whammy of fewer words and more engaging copywriting is to get rid of smothered verbs.

Two steps to better business copywriting

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The business world is not renowned for the crispness of its copywriting, but there are some simple techniques we can learn to sharpen up both our own business writing and other people’s.

Stay on brand with your copywriting

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Your company’s brand is more than just a nice logo, trendy font or snazzy colour scheme. It’s about every word you write and every message you communicate.

Increase your vocabulary the fun way

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You may not feel like a natural wordsmith, but it needn’t be the end of the world.

The ‘ize’ have it

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As anyone who spends much time reading American documents or literature will tell you, our crazy cousins across the Atlantic have certain quirks when it comes to writing the mother-tongue...

By George, he’s right…

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If you want to become a better writer, the late great George Orwell left behind Six Questions and Six Rules to help steer you in the right direction...

A thin line between neology and nonsense

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There's a real art to the creation of new words – so-called neologisms – and bureaucrats are generally best off leaving it to lexicographers and comedians...

Which will it be? That is the question

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It’s one of the most commonly-debated arguments in the English language: ‘which’ or ‘that’ - which is the correct one to use in different contexts?

No laughing matter – LOL

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Thanks to the finger-fast nature of emails, it’s easy to forget that in the business world the same care should be paid to electronic communications as to traditional letters.