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Our new brochure is now available

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Looking for a new copywriting agency? We've been beavering away over the last few weeks on our new brochure...

Beware of basorexia this February

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Be very careful. It’s the month of St Valentine and soppy cards, so you could easily be afflicted by this condition. You see, ‘basorexia’ is a sudden urge to kiss someone. And we’re grateful to emotions expert Tiffany Watt Smith for bringing us the word and its definition in her new encyclopaedia, The Book of Human Emotions. In [...]

Humdinger headlines turn browsers into a buyers


Consumer research shows that people spend less than two seconds on average casting their eyes over the front page of a newspaper or magazine

New copywriting case studies


We've just updated the case studies section on our website. Take a look and let us now what you think.

Is your written brand aligned with your visual brand?


Our creative director recently wrote an article for Business Development in Law magazine about the importance of aligning your written brand with your visual brand.

Return to tender

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Now, we're no fan of the huge tender documents that companies have to complete when bidding for public sector contracts. But we do like it when tenderers (or tenderees?) turn to us to help them write the darn things.