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Our new brochure is now available

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Looking for a new copywriting agency? We've been beavering away over the last few weeks on our new brochure...

Do your tenders let you down?

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With the economy not exactly rosy, bidding for work tenders has become an ever more competitive business. We can help!

Word-up for Baker Tilly

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We've just finished our latest project for national accountants Baker Tilly - and we're really chuffed with it!

Henshaws brings some sunshine

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It's going to be a busy summer here at Wordsworks towers. We've been commissioned by Henshaws Society for Blind People to write and edit its annual review.

Raising the Bar of clear communication

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Another new legal client to welcome aboard the Wordsworks clear communication express - Devereux Chambers, one of the country's leading civil sets of barristers chambers. We're working with London design agency Soukias Jones to produce a new pupillage (trainee) brochure for Devereux Chambers, plus a range of other marketing material. Devereux Chambers is one of a [...]