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Try to align your tone with your brand

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One of the key purposes of business writing is to write in a way that reinforces your brand. It's also one of the main areas where much business writing often fails. If your brand is about dynamism, energy and modern thinking, your writing needs to support that. So that means using appropriate language, tone and structure.

Six tips for killer headlines

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Whatever you're writing, whether it's a piece of direct mail, a case study or a section of a white paper, strong headlines are vital. Research shows that readers make up their minds in around three seconds whether to continue reading or not. Your headline needs to communicate why the piece is interesting or relevant and why readers should bother to stick [...]

Heading for success . . . or failure?

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Never mind the poor maligned goldfish, it’s we humans that have a notoriously short attention span. According to a survey reported in The Daily Telegraph it’s a mere eight seconds. So how do you get someone to read that web page or report that you’ve slaved over to get word perfect? The secret is to come up [...]

Turn your case studies upside down

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Clients often come to us for copywriting case studies. They're a great way to showcase your products and services, and have a lot more credibility than any amount of generic marketing copy. One of the first questions we ask is whether the client has a standard structure for their case studies. They often don’t. But [...]

Be careful with your commas…

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In the age of the text message, the status update and the tweet, formal punctuation is out. Txt speak, acronyms and punctuation-free statements are in! But as this example shows, omit punctuation at your peril

Vatican misspells ‘Jesus’

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Divine inspiration wasn't enough to get the Vatican out of an embarrassing typographical hole earlier this month, after the word 'Jesus' was misspelled on a series of commemorative coins.

Ditch the excess baggage

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One thing that never ceases to strike a chord as a really easy way to sharpen up your writing is redundant phrases. You know, little words and phrases that we all use through habit and custom, but which on closer inspection are totally unnecessary

Don’t let your words smother your meaning

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A surefire method for achieving the double whammy of fewer words and more engaging copywriting is to get rid of smothered verbs.

Three writing ‘rules’ you’ll love ignoring

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Always told at school never to split your infinitives? Or never to begin a sentence with and, but or because? It’s time to liberate your writing from the stuffy rules of days gone by.

Two steps to better business copywriting

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The business world is not renowned for the crispness of its copywriting, but there are some simple techniques we can learn to sharpen up both our own business writing and other people’s.

No room for bluster in professional services copywriting

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What makes you stand out is not the level of knowledge you have, but how you use it, how you communicate it and how able you are to apply it to your clients’ specific situation.

No laughing matter – LOL

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Thanks to the finger-fast nature of emails, it’s easy to forget that in the business world the same care should be paid to electronic communications as to traditional letters.