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8 words that break trust and make comprehension more difficult

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Hoa Loranger might be our new hero. In a recent post for usability gurus Nielsen Norman, Hoa identified five words that leave most readers cold. And we've added three of our own, too.

Potato’s . . . and other apostrophic catastrophes

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The poor old apostrophe. It’s been abused so often that you wouldn’t blame it for being in long term therapy. So, time to get it up on our wordologist couch and see what the problems are. A very common one is adding it to form plurals. As in a bag of potato’s, a collection of DVD’s, a pair [...]

To comprise or to comprise of, that is the question

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A great article about grammar rules in the ‘Prospero’ column in The Economist has been generating a heated (and on-going) debate among the copywriting team at Wordsworks Towers recently. It referred to a story about Bryan Henderson, a US grammar obsessive who has apparently edited almost 50,000 Wikipedia articles to remove the phrase “comprise of”. [...]

Be careful with your commas…

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In the age of the text message, the status update and the tweet, formal punctuation is out. Txt speak, acronyms and punctuation-free statements are in! But as this example shows, omit punctuation at your peril

Who needs to spell these days, anyway?

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Talk to kids these days and many will tell you they don’t need to know how to spell, any more than they need to know how to operate a VCR...


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As business copywriters to scores of companies in the UK and overseas, we at Wordsworks Towers like to think we do our bit to improve the world’s grammar and punctuation.

Brush up your grammar

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We came across a fantastic website for brushing up your English grammar recently.