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8 tips for better speech writing

Writing tips|

Making that killer speech just got a little easier, thanks to our top tips for writing a script which will linger long in your audience's memory...

Who needs to spell these days, anyway?

Bad grammar|

Talk to kids these days and many will tell you they don’t need to know how to spell, any more than they need to know how to operate a VCR...

The joy of six

Writing tips|

Brevity is your friend, long-windedness your enemy. As business copywriters, we at Wordsworks Towers understand the power of concise text better than most.

Leave ‘em wanting more

General musings|

Since the first words we speak as babies are uniformly unremarkable (‘mama’ and ‘googoo’ spring to mind) it falls to us all to make our final utterances considerably more noteworthy...

Word of the Month

Word of the month|

‘Bowdlerise’ is awfully good fun to wrap your tongue around, although it brings to mind something violent and wrenching...