Hello. Welcome to Wordsworks.

We’re wordsmiths. We’re passionate about using the power of words to help our clients achieve their objectives:

  • engaging people
  • influencing opinions
  • creating conversations
  • developing relationships

We’re based in Manchester, but we work with clients all over the country, helping them use words effectively and efficiently to inform, advise, educate and persuade.

What does that mean?

It means we do three main things, all related to business writing:


If you need to communicate with employees, clients, customers or shareholders, chances are you need to do it using clear and effective written communication. Which is where we come in. We’re professional writers, so wherever you need help with the written word, we have the skills and experience for the job. We can also help you define and implement your tone of voice across a range of written material.


Sometimes it’s not the initial writing you need help with, it’s refining and polishing your words to make them as effective as they can be. To us, this is our bread and butter. For many of our projects, a first draft – however rough and ready – is prepared by the client. We then unsheathe our trusty swords of clarity, conciseness and consistency, to tweak, edit, smooth, distil, condense and – sometimes – pummel it into shape.

Writing training

We run writing workshops to help people become better writers and editors. We’ve run workshops for law firms, accountancy firms, consultants and public sector organisations on topics such as grammar refreshers, writing for press releases or better business writing.

Baker Tilly
We’ve been supporting the Restructuring and Recovery group at Baker Tilly with a number of writing projects over the past few months.
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Business copywriting agencyStephens Scown
One of the largest law firms in the South West asked us to revamp some of their sector-specific leaflets.
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